[Lyle Gravatar]    Lyle Pritchett, founder and Managing Member, has been programming computers for 41 years. He has held a wide range of computer-related positions, including Manager of Computer Services, Network Manager, Director of IT, Manager of Applications Development, and independent consultant. His hands-on experience includes:

  • computer-instrument interfaces
  • network design, installation, and maintenance, including writing and maintaining proxy-based firewall software
  • UNIX system administration, including SunOS, Solaris, Red Hat RHEL and Fedora, and Ubuntu, as well as server security
  • Web server administration and Webmaster duties
  • database applications, including Oracle, Postgres, and MySQL, for a large range of projects, ranging from staff directories to HR data warehouses to on-line registrations and surveys to help desk tracking systems

Lyle completed the Master Course in Microcomputers and Microprocessors from NRI, and he holds a Masters degree in computer science from the University of Nevada, Reno. He has completed many continuing education courses, including SANS classes in hacker techniques and forensics.

Lyle is a member of the IEEE Computer Society, Infragard, and the Northern Nevada IT Leaders Group. He also serves on the Advisory Board of the Nevada Nurses Foundation. Refer to his entry at LinkedIn for more details.

W3Schools logo    certified PHP/MySQL Developer, Javascript Developer

[Nick Gravatar]    Nicholas Kreidberg, Associate Software Engineer and Database Developer, has a wide range of experience building Web sites, Web applications, and associated databases. He has held positions as Web Developer, Database and Programming Support Specialist, IT Consultant, and independent contractor. His hands-on experience includes:

  • building Web sites and applications using PHP, Javascript, JQuery, JSON, WordPress, and MVC frameworks
  • designing, deploying, and maintaining databases in Postgres, MySQL, and Oracle, as well as building data processing and ingestion scripts using PHP and C
  • database-driven applications, including: staff directories; e-commerce and credit card processing; on-line registrations and reservations; donations; surveys; custom help desk software; publications tracking systems
  • Web server administration and Webmaster duties
  • social media and blogs

Nicholas holds a degree from the Minnesota School of Business with a major in Software Development. He was designated as the 2011 Technical Employee of the Year at the Desert Research Institute, and he was a core developer for the Twinkle Trail project.

Nicholas is a member of Infragard. Refer to his entry at LinkedIn or his personal Web site for more details.

W3Schools logo    certified PHP/MySQL Developer, Javascript Developer, jQuery Developer

[Jennifer Gravatar]    Jennifer Baro, Associate Web Designer, has been developing Website graphics and page layouts for 29 years. She has extensive background in designing, building, and maintaining Web pages and site components using industry standard development tools, templates, and content management systems. Her coding experience includes HTML5, CSS, PHP, and Javascript files. She has held positions as Web Designer, Web Designer and Developer, and independent contractor.

She is fluent with HTML5, XHTML, and CSS, as well as accessibility standards and search engine optimization and analysis techniques. Her hands-on experience includes:

  • building Web pages and sites utilizing the Joomla CMS software and multiple extensions
  • designing and maintaining surveys and forms
  • building graphical website components using the Adobe Creative Cloud suites, specifically, Dreamweaver CC, Photoshop CC, Adobe Illustrator CC, and their corresponding mobile apps
  • designing retina display and responsive design graphics, digital photo manipulation and 3D editing, audio and video composition, editing, and format conversions
  • HTML5, XHTML/XML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, and PHP-based applications on Windows, Mac, and UNIX systems

Jennifer holds a bachelor degree in Environmental Science and Policy from the University of Nevada, Reno. She is also a Certified Internet Web Professional in Web site design and development.

Jennifer is a member of the International Webmaster Association. Refer to her entry at LinkedIn for more details.

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