Handy Links

The following collection of links are those that we have found useful in our own work. The Web is full of quality material, as well as a lot of material that is not quite so helpful or even accurate. Please note that these links reference sites outside our control, and we cannot be responsible for your experience at these sites or for the material there. Caveat Surfer!

Obviously, this is a dynamic collection. Please check back occasionally for new additions.


A Beginner's Guide to HTML
Another Beginner's Guide to HTML (recommended by Jenna Miller)
CSS references & tutorials
HTML Validators & Cleaners

HTML escape codes: quick reference
HTML escape codes: more complete list
HTML escape codes: geometric shapes
HTML escape codes: arrows
HTML escape codes: dingbats

HTML color codes: quick reference
HTML color codes: complete true color chart

Hex-to-RGBA calculator
CSS color gradients interactive code generator

Web Programming

Supported programming & display features by browser

Web Graphics

Animated spinner graphics (free)


Postgres manual (version 9.3)

SSL Certificate