Company Services

We provide a wide range of services, encompassing Web site development and maintenance, software development and maintenance, database design and migration, UNIX server system administration, and (of course) every possible combination of these areas.

Where we really shine is putting all these pieces together. For example, we have interfaced scientific instrumentation to computers, stored that data in well-structured databases, applied calibration curves, and performed statistics while propagating measurement uncertainties. A Web-based program allowed users to define model criteria, retrieved and crunched the data, and provided graphical displays of the modeling results.

We have also built more traditional Web applications, including online stores, surveys, conference registrations, staff directories, computer-based training programs, and interactive, database-driven Web presentations.

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We take the privacy of our clients, their data, and their customers very seriously. All development and prototyping work is done in a password-protected area of our server to allow confidential offsite review and testing of Web pages and applications before they go public. Sensitive information stored in databases is encrypted. In addition, our server is firewall-protected, software patches are applied as soon they are available, and user accounts are limited and monitored. We regularly run a number of different vulnerability and system integrity scanners to proactively catch and fix potential issues before they become problems.

All Web forms that gather personal or sensitive information use encrypted (SSL) connections. Credit cards are handled by a well-known and accredited processor. For more information, please click on the seals that appear on the bottom of this page. Also see our privacy and security policies.

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