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September, 2021

We have been busy working with a number of Nevada nursing groups and their Web sites. One of the busiest projects is for the Nevada Nurses Foundation, a non-profit group that raises money for nursing scholarships and grants, sponsors competitive awards for the Nevada nursing community, and hosts special events as fund raisers as well as recognizing exemplary nurses throughout the state. We built online forms for donations, event registrations, scholarship applications and scoring processes, and an online grants application and scoring process. Please take a look at to get more information.

Finally, we have been building several new sites for the Nevada Nurses Association, including a jobs board for nursing opportunities and an online continuing education site to allow Nevada nurses to meet CEU licensing requirements. These sites are at,, and, respectively.

December, 2015

Probably the most intricate project we've built in terms of layered graphics, animation, and real-time functionality is a new live auction site called The Land of Odz, a buyer- and seller-friendly online auction site using a whimsical blend of fantasy and steampunk themes. In addition to 8,500 items from 170 sellers (and growing daily!), the site includes over 200 custom auction room designs and over 1,000 mix-and-match avatar options so you can appear in the auction room in style. We also include choices in sound effects and a few "Easter eggs" for fun. The entire site was built from scratch using PHP, Postgres, and some compiled C utilities.

May, 2015

One of our recent projects was overhauling the Web site for the Northern Nevada Nurses of Achievement, a group which for the last 16 years has presented awards to outstanding local nurses and scholarships to nursing students. While their Web site is not particularly complicated, the entire process for public nominations, acceptance essays by nominees, scoring, and determination of award winners was converted for the first time to a fully Web- and database-based system, handling over 770 nominations for nearly 400 finalists.

Their 2015 awards dinner was held on May 8 and was attended by more than 1,000 people, where Cliffson was recognized for its work to steamline the entire awards process. We are happy to be a part of this group's mission, and we add our congratulations to this year's winners!

October, 2014

In response to one client's needs, we have developed a nice set of PHP wrapper functions for the Bullhorn SOAP API. Bullhorn ( is a well-known jobs and candidates tracking company that offers their clients the ability to pull data from their servers and present it within the clients' own Web pages. However, their service is based on a database called Hibernate, which is considerably more complicated and temperamental to use than a normal SQL database.

If you have a project using Bullhorn data that might benefit from these simplified function calls, please contact us. They were designed to work within WordPress, but will work in other Web environments as well.

August, 2014

Summer is almost gone already, but we've spent that time well making improvements! Our servers have been upgraded to newer, faster hardware, including solid state drives (SSDs). In the past year we have nearly doubled the number of Web sites we are hosting or maintaining for a very diverse group of clients, ranging from an environmental research institute, several federal agencies, and an art museum to a company handling health records requests, an online auction site, a company offering custom electronics and embedded programming, and a site selling products for blind and visually impaired individuals. Our services were included in in the Northern Nevada Business Weekly's List of Web Developers in Northern Nevada, and we continue to tackle a wide range of new projects based on referrals from our existing clients.

If you are planning a new Web site, especially one with a lot of dynamic content or interactive features, or if your current hosting service isn't meeting your needs, give us a call or drop us a note!

November, 2013

We now offer specialized hosting and support services for the PHPProBid online auction software from PHPPro Software. Although we are not affiliated with this company, a large number of users of this popular software package have expressed dissatisfaction with the company's hosting solutions and level of technical support, and we now offer an alternative. Contact us for pricing and migration assistance.

July, 2013

Our list of links to useful Web design and programming resources has been updated. Refer to the Tools & Utilities / Handy Links area for the latest list. Of course, this is a somewhat subjective collection. If you would like to nominate a site or resource for inclusion, please contact us!

February, 2013

Summaries of our supported products and services have been updated. Refer to the Services page for the latest lists. Please note these are not exhaustive lists. If you are unsure if we can help you, please contact us and ask!

April, 2012

We have commissioned our own git server ( to provide easier access to both anonymous and client-only software packages. Refer to the utilities page for a list of publicly accessible software that can be retrieved using the popular git software version control and distribution system.

December, 2011

We have begun posting some of our own development utilities for your use and reference. Refer to the utilities page, which includes discussions of how these utilities work, links to source code, and in most cases links to live demonstrations.

April, 2011

Cliffson Solutions is now listed with Manta, a small-business news and research service.

March, 2011

Our programming standards and guidelines for C/C++ and PHP are now available under the Documents: Standards & Guidelines area. Programming standards and guidelines for Javascript, HTML, and CSS are also available.

February, 2011

We have updated our Privacy Policy and Security Policy pages. These include substantial modifications, and all visitors should be aware of the latest provisions.

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