Cliffson Solutions, LLC, Refunds & Returns Policy

last revised December 9, 2015
effective starting December 20, 2011


Our company mission is to supply robust, high-quality, well-documented services and software. In nearly every project, the client owns the resulting software, data, and content. We reserve the right to include common software utilities and libraries that we have developed, and we implicitly grant permission for clients to use those utilities and libraries on a non-exclusive basis when included as part of our deliverables.

Because we provide professional services and software, rather than discrete, tangible products, we do not offer refunds or returns.

Our standard Statement of Work contracts and Hosting Agreement documents include provisions for resolving any disagreements concerning services or deliverables, including professional arbitration by a third party. Those documents are unique to each client, and the terms should be examined carefully by the client before signing. We reserve the right to restrict circulation of such documents.

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